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What is Vert Shock?

vert shock dunking

The Vert Shock program was created by Adam Folker, a former college basketball player and now a professional basketball player, in cooperation with Justin “Just Fly” Darlington, perhaps the best dunker in the world. 

Vert Shock is based on techniques used by athletes who participate in professional dunking contests. The goal is to shock your muscles—hence the name of the program. The strategy involves a prep phase, a shock phase and an activation phase for both your slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

This program is not a magic formula. It guides you in ensuring that your technique is correct and provides exercises to improve muscular performance. It involves hard work. This is not like some diet pill that promises that you will lose 30 pounds while you sit on the couch continuing to eat Cheetos.

How Does Vert Shock Works ?

This is a plyometric-based training program. What that means in plain language is that Vert Shock workouts involve using speed and force of various movements in order to build raw muscle power.

The program is organized over an eight-week period. Vert Shock week one involves the pre-shock phase. The shock phase is week two through seven, and week eight involves the intense post-shock phase.

vert shock phase-1

1) Pre-Shock Phase

This first phase of the workout lasts only seven days and is designed to prepare your muscles for the much more intense six-week period that is about to come. This involves a lot of warming up and cooling down and various exercises that you have likely done before, such as tuck jumps.

People who do not normally do jump exercises may experience an inch or two during this period. Do not be overly concerned if you do not. Also, be careful integrating this phase into your other workouts. If you do not do a lot of leg-oriented muscle building, you may want to avoid doing so for the time being. It can be very easy for less experienced athletes to overwork their legs in a counterproductive manner the first time through the program.


2) Shock Phase

This second and core phase extends over six weeks. It is rather intense, but it is also quite varied, which we feel helps with your mental approach. This is the period where you are getting the most muscle activation and reactivation and should yield the most substantial results. I gained about 6 inches.

This phase started off easier than I expected. It ramped up quickly, and we could definitely feel the wear but also the faster reaction and explosiveness as the period unfolded. Be careful with your other cardio and muscle building during this phase as well. I recommend working around these exercises. In other words, focus on activities that do not overlap and therefore work other aspects of your body.

vert shock-phase-3

3) Post-Shock Phase

You have arrived at the final week of the core program, and it involves six intense days of training with one day off. If you are scheduling other workouts, I would highly recommend lining it up so that you have that one day off entirely. The focus of this routine is fortifying the gains you have made thus far, and it involves a lot of warming up and cooling down bookending short reps of intense activity.

It is important to note that you may not make gains during this period. This is not unusual. That said, I did. I got about an inch in the pre-shock phase and an inch in the post-shock phase for a total of 8 inches. Once you have completed this week, you will enter the all-important maintenance mode.

About the Author

Adam Folker

Adam Folker played more than 125 games for the UC Irvine Anteaters, which is an NCAA Division I team in the Big West Conference. He began his collegiate athletic career with a 14-inch vertical, but by the time he had been signed to play in the Czech NBL, he had a 32-inch vertical. Upon retiring, he took what he had learned and laid the groundwork for the original program that would become Vert Shock.

Justin Darlington

Justin “JusFly” Darlington is a Streetball player who has participated in the FIBA 3×3 World Tour. He is a natural dunker who has participated in and won professional dunking contests all over the world. He rose to celebrity when he won the Nike+ Basketball Dunk Showcase in Washington D.C.—where LeBron James was a judge and had brought a great deal of notoriety with him. Darlington and Folker are long-time friends, and Justin helped him polish the program into the final product that is now Vert Shock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I think that it absolutely will work for just about anyone who puts the effort in. You may also take confidence in knowing that since we completed the initial program, my friend has continued working out with me and alone. He has continued the maintenance mode, and in doing so, he has more than doubled his initial Vert Shock results. 

Let me stress this once again: you have to put the work in. Your vertical is not going to increase by magic or if you are half-assing it. Earn that sweat equity, though, and you will definitely elevate higher.

One of the greatest things about Vert Shock is you can do this without investing in expensive equipment. It is good if you have a soft, grassy area to jump from and plenty of space, and a box or park bench will be helpful.

No review of the Vert Shock system is complete without a look at the results. So here are mine.

What I wanted to do was make sure I used the 8 weeks efficiently. One thing I did right was not rush into things and go through the manuals, videos and resources before starting the program.

I think I actually overdid it spending close to a week reading and understanding things before starting. But looking back I’m happy I did because I knew what to expect and was sure I read everything properly.

In total I gained 8.6 inches, according to my tape measure, on my vertical.

After the first week, my vertical leap got a 3.5 inch boost. I think it had a lot to do with me not jumping properly and not training the proper muscles. By fixing my form and doing proper workouts for jumping my body responded quickly. I’m not totally sure though, but I’ll take it.

The next uptick in my jump height came mid-way through Phase 2 which takes up the middle 6 weeks. This is the bulk of the program and when the workouts got intense. Here I saw another 4 inches added to my jump.

The remaining inch or so same later on after completing the program. I think my muscles got to rest and rebuild after finishing the 8th week which is why the last gains came in then.

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